Sep 18 2012

I Remember The Anne Curtis Sex Video Scandal

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Sex Video Scandal involving celebrities in the Philippines is a very hot topic nowadays. The latest is the sex video scandal involving Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes and Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr.

The scandal was so hot that a senate investigation has been made about the issue. That investigation in the senate was called “in aid of legislation” which only proves that the laws in the Philippines for such are not yet properly laid out.

Around the early part of year 2006 when a cellphone video of actress Anne Curtis and then real-life boyfriend actor Richard Gutierrez in intimate moments were distributed via cellphones and in the internet. The video however was not as hot as the videos of Katrina and Maricar but still it created a wave of controversy that was feasted by the showbiz media.

As brave as she was, Anne Curtis never denied the content of the video. She admitted the act and revealed Richard was really her boyfriend at that time. Her brave revelation earned Anne the respect of teh showbiz people. Being true to herself, Anne never hide nor get affected by the controversy.

Anne Curtis continued to appear in TV, provincial tours and even making movies. That strong personality put Anne where she is now. After the controversy died down, Anne get more projects and a lot more are lined up for her in the future.

In fact, Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez are going to team-up in an upcoming film titled “Maybe This Time” which is scheduled to hit the big screen at the last quarter of 2009. Anne is harvesting the fruits of bravery she sowed during the height of her sex video controversy.

Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes are doing different approaches in handling the scandal they are involved with. Katrina fought her way to the senate and in courts of the Philippines to claim what she called justice for her while Maricar keeps her silence and continues to work.

Both of them are still hot in the showbiz market and doing a lot of projects in TV and movies. All they have to do is put things behind them, keep their eyes in their goals and they can surely overcome this scandal they are faced with, just like Anne Curtis.

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